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Improve Mastery of ICT


Kompas, page 12

Nowadays, information and communications technology (ICT) is not a separate subject.  Its learning is integrated in all subjects.  This is considered to prompt student mastery of ICT to become weaker. The issue was raised in a national seminar and working meeting of  teachers of ICT as well as computer skills and information management (KKPI), in Jakarta, Tuesday (27/12). Secretary General of the ICT/KKPI Teachers Community (Kogtik) Wijaya Kusuma said there is a difference in perception between the government and practitioners in viewing the importance of mastering ICT. In Curriculum 2013, ICT was not placed as a subject, but only as guidance and service.

According to Wijaya, Indonesia requires a generation that is not only proficient in the use of ICT, but one that can also create and innovate. Mastery of the science should be taught in order for ICT in Indonesia to develop and not (for the…

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